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Just Going for Superhero Status Over Here

Today I saved a turtle. And I didn’t even have to skip the straw. Is VSCO girl still a thing? I’m a little disappointed the majority of my clothes are in storage at the moment. I most definitely would have broke out my 'Skip the Straw, Save the Turtles' shirt for this occasion. If you have no idea what I am talking about... trust me... you are better off not wasting brain space with the whole VSCO girl trend that was actually a thing pre-Covid. But seriously, I actually saved a turtle. Well, there’s a good possibility it would have made it across the road without my help, but I guess we will never know. Just saving the world one turtle, one use of the word virginity, and one box of hair dye at a time. Basically a superhero over here.

Pulled my act together today and went for a run. Praise hands for seeing leaves on trees and flowers magically appearing. 5 miles, friends. It was a slow 5 miles, but it felt good.

After. It felt good after.

In the middle of it I wanted to die. I love running on the dirt roads, but do you know what dirt roads mean? Farmland. And do you know what farmland means in the spring? A very distinct smell. I’m undecided as to whether a run accompanied by spring farmland or the city smell of weed on every street is preferred. Although smell one of those enough and running becomes so much more enjoyable... or at least less painful. I think.

So, my 15 year old friend, you know her as Bella, whose house I am currently occupying, started her first job today. I was told I was banned from visiting her on the first day. But that’s ok, I’m going to make up for being banned with all future visits. I may or may not have informed her that I’ll be showing up in costumes from this point forward. I can’t tell if she is slightly entertained by this idea or extremely embarrassed. I mean, I’m super excited. I definitely sent her a few pictures of some wig options yesterday. "No" was the only response I got. She loves me.

And don't worry... You guys will totally get to experience this fun! Her next workday is Friday and I'm ready for it!

I finished the Old Testament, Friends. Woo Hoo! I'm looking forward to jumping into the New Testament.

So fun fact. I love to read. I always have loved reading which now that I think about it is also probably why I like writing so much. I have to be careful with reading though. Haha. It can consume me. For the last 6 months I haven't done much reading besides the Bible for multiple reasons. In the last month though I’ve slowly been adding some books back into the mix. Right now I’m stuck on an array of books about the Soviet Union totalitarianism, lessons to learn from Nazi Germany, and socialism. I’m a believer that history does indeed repeat itself… in just new and improved ways. And I’m not a fan of any of those three forms of living. And now, I feel the need to break out my coffee and capitalism shirt again.

Anyway, I do love a good fiction book, mostly because I love a happy ending. The guilty pleasure that is a good fiction book I save for vacations these days. Ok... so where am I going with this? I love reading. And like a coming to the end of a good fiction book…. I’m kind of sad to come to the end of the Old Testament. Well, not Ezekiel... I was not sad to leave the book of Ezekiel… but the last couple books of the OT got me. Like tears got me. One of my favorite verses is found in the last book of the Old Testament.

Malachi 3:6a For I the Lord do not change.

He is unchanging friends. Which is something I’m holding tight to in this crazy world we are living in. Life will always be unstable... change happens... sometimes good, sometimes bad... but it always happens. And if our hope is in something unstable we will be unstable. In that I’m reminded to put my hope in something unchanging. The only thing that will ever be unchanging.

Unfortunately, that whole putting my hope in something unstable happens more often than I would like to admit in my own life. I’ve put my hope in a lot of things in the last 6 months that weren’t Christ. I’ve put it in my circumstance. I’ve put it in people. I’ve put in in myself. And I was a hot mess. Hot mess, friends. You know when I wasn’t a hot mess? When I put my hope in Christ and held tight to God’s unchanging character and his promises.

And so, as I jump into the New Testament and the story that is Christ's birth, death and resurrection all so that we could be saved from our sins, I love that the the unchanging God of the Old Testament is the same God in the New Testament who sent Christ and is the same God who is with us today.

And check out this sunset. No filter. Just a pretty cool artist.


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