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Quarantine Day 7

Seven Days.

Day 7.

One week.

168 hours.

This might be the longest I’ve committed to anything in my life. Then again, does it count as commitment if it was forced on me?!? #nochoice #quarantined

1. I reset my call time on my phone last Thursday, March 26 at 3:37 pm. 7 days later on Wednesday, April 1st at 6:10pm... I have spent 22 hours and 26 minutes on the phone. You guys! That’s almost a whole 24 hour day! And that doesn’t even count google hangouts, zoom, facebook video calls, and texts. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRAP AN EXTROVERT IN A HOUSE ALONE. I don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed. #extrovertproblems #sigh #thiswontlastforever #right?

2. What is in this picture you ask? See that little black dot on the wall. It’s an ant. A giant… black... ant. I have recently discovered that I have an ant problem. In my house. Like an “I”m going to have to call Orkin” ant problem. This one made it all the way up my two story wall. I didn’t know if I should kill it or cheer it on. How in the world did that ant get up there? Also, as I’m typing this there’s a squirrel climbing the tree out back. Has anyone ever seen a squirrel fall out of a tree. Cuz I just did. I think it’s ok, but I’m not willing to go check. I saw The Office episode where Merideth got bit by a bat. No need to repeat that with a squirrel. I can learn from others' mistakes. #thatspiraledquickly #orkin #theoffice #rabies #funrunforrabies

3. FACETIME CONFERENCE CALL! Gosh, how I have missed being able to meet with these two each week to talk ministry. So glad to be able to have our team back together! Looking forward to planning Easter, even if our Easter wear is going to be from the pajama section this year. #socrazy #Easter #goteam

4. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for y’all. I have so loved reading all your comments on here, talking and texting you, and the special deliveries! Today I got surprised with lunch and chocolate covered gummy bear delivery. If you haven’t tried chocolate covered gummy bears you haven’t actually lived life. #justsayin Thank you Cathy and Amanda for taking care of me. Love you and appreciate you. My scale does not. I need for the freshman 15 not to translate to the quarantine 15. Run. Tomorrow I'm going to run. Tomorrow. #theresalwaystomorrow #thankyou #ineedthegymtoopenbackup #quarantine15

5, Bridesmaid dress number 1. 14 years ago. Oh my word! How was that 14 years ago?!? 1. I’m happy to say this dress still fits. 2. I have a friend with some pretty good taste! She picked this black bridesmaid dress before black bridesmaid dresses were even the cool thing to do. So… thank you for that Nikole. #nouglybridesmaiddresshere

I should warn y’all. I have enough special event dresses to last long beyond this quarantine. At what point is it no longer acceptable to play dress up and take pictures and post them?!? #askingforafriend #me #itsme

It’s 8pm. Does anyone else find themselves looking at the clock at the end of the night and asking if it is finally an acceptable time to go to bed?


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