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Hi! I'm Stephanie.  Michigan born and raised. I love the summers and hate the winters and will order an extra hot coffee regardless of what the temperature outside is.  I love people and people watching, bargain shopping, a good garage sale, and basically all the pretty things this world has to offer.  Little girl clothes are by current obsession.  I graduated from the University of Michigan - Flint with a bachelors degree in Social Work in the era of two spaces between a period and a new sentence.  I spent 20 years on staff and two different churches overseeing the birth through fifth-grade ministries.  And I spent 20 years single...  20 long years....  Capped off by Covid and Quarantine.  But... with the end of Covid lockdowns also came an end to my singleness.  In the summer of 2021, I upgraded my last name from Black to French and I finished out 2022 adding the title of mom to my resume... at the age of 40 nonetheless.  So after 20 years of walking alongside families in every situation imaginable, I get to have my own family.  And all those "I'll never...." statements  in regards to being a parent and a wife get to come back to haunt me.   And so I figured it was time to update the blog.    

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