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Exploring Grace Together

by Jessica Thompson

I can't recommend this book enough!  We've used it on the car ride to school every morning.  Our sixth grader reads out loud and then we talk about the questions together. Each day has a story that goes right along with life and is very relatable.  The three questions that go along with each day have led to some great discussions.  Mostly though I love how each and everyone of these stories ties into God's grace helping to lay a firm foundation in the lives of the reader.  If your looking for a family devotional this is a great place to start!  I'd recommend it for elementary age children.


5 Things to Pray for Your...

by Melissa Kruger

I love these little books!  They can be used in so many different ways.  These books include 21 different sets of 5 things that you can pray for for you child or your spouse.  You can pray through those 5 things each day, use those 5 things for the week, or pick and choose what you want to use when and how.  Each things is based in scripture and comes with some thoughts from the author on why it's important to pray that for your child or spouse.  And in case you want more there is a whole set of 5 things to pray books based on all different topics!

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