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Mission of Hope:*

*tax deductible



Amount Needed: $5280.00



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Rooted Missions:


Amount Needed: $400.00



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Thus begins the adenture....

...and adventures don't come cheap.

... and adventure needs lots of prayer!

At the beginning of May I will be heading to Haiti to spend time with two different organizations serving and sharing the love of Christ with the people in Haiti.  


I will be spending the first two weeks with The Thompson family (some of you may know them from The Rock in Fenton) who are currently serving in Haiti with their organization Rooted Missions. They are doing some great work living amongst the people in Haiti, helping, serving, and loving them, all while trying to provide for the basic needs of many of these people.  I will be helping them for these two weeks with whatever they need help with.  I’m excited to see all the ways that God has used them already and serve among the people who they have come to love over the last six months.


For the three months following my time with Rooted Missions, I will be serving with Mission of Hope. Here I will be part of their Mobilization team.  As different groups come down on mission’s trips to Mission of Hope each week, I will be working with and alongside these groups as they spend the week serving the people of Haiti.  I’m excited to be a part of this team.  One thing that I have always loved about missions trips is that as much as they are helping serve in an area of need, it is incredible to see God work in the lives of those doing the serving.  I feel like I get the best of both worlds.  I’m looking forward to getting to know the people of Haiti as we work in the different villages.  I’m also excited to see God change the lives of those whom he leads down there this summer on mission trips.


So let’s get the uncomfortable part over with...  the talk of money.


I will need to raise approximately $5,600.  $5,200 for my time serving with Mission of Hope and $400 for my time with Rooted Missions. The amount covers the cost of living and ministry expenses while in Haiti, along with the cost of some supplies to send to Rooted Missions to help out their ministry.

On this page you will see two different donate buttons. Donating to Mission of Hope will take you to the Mission of Hope donation page.  You will need to select my name from the drop down menu.  I am listed as a summer intern there.  All money given to mission of hope is tax deductible. Donating to Rooted Missions will take you to a page.  You can give directly on this page.


I’m full of mixed emotions over the upcoming months.  There was a lot of comfort to be had in having a secure job, health insurance, a place to be every day, a schedule, and a church to call home.  And I really, really like all of those things. :)  But life isn’t about comfort, is it?  And so, as I jump into the next couple of months and as I begin to ask questions about what happens after August, I would like to ask you to join me in prayer.



Please be praying for me. While the next couple of months will be an exciting and great thing, I know that there will be a lot of challenges personally as I adjust to life in Haiti. I’ll definitely keep you updated on these! Please pray that I am able to see beyond my own personal challenges, emotions and discomforts and that I am able to effectively build relationships with both the people I am serving with and the people of Haiti.


Rooted Missions / Thompson Family

Please be praying for The Thompson family. Last October they moved their whole family down to Haiti to live and serve there for a year.  I’m looking forward to spending some time with them and seeing all that God is doing through them.  Pray that God will continue to work through them as they serve the people in Haiti.


Mission of Hope

Please be praying for Mission of Hope. For their staff, all of the summer staff, and for the many people that will be traveling down there this summer to serve the people of Haiti. 



Please be praying for the people of Haiti. 

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