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So This Weekend...

Just a light hearted one for today. Hope this makes you smile!

So this weekend…

I may or may not have been a willing witness to this random escapade. I’ll let you come to your own conclusion regarding the words willing and witness. I’m going to plead the 5th over here. We do still have that constitutional right, right?!? I will go on record as saying that I did not touch the letters or this vehicle. I did laugh though. A lot. I think I might be a horrible person.

Decided a ponytail and a hat was a better option than washing my hair today. Sometimes that's just how it goes. Anyone else out there hate washing their hair? The whole washing it and drying it and styling it. It's just.... a lot. Also, I just really hate wet hair. Like a lot a lot.

Played in some puddles while doing some farm chores. Just livin' the dream here, Friends. Suckered this friend ( @brooke.rolfe.52 ) into doing farm chores with me. But not before i happened into Tractor Supply Company and found this shirt. Why did I end up in Tractor Supply Company?

Oh... I wanted to look at the baby ducks.

I mean I wanted to take the baby ducks home with me... buuuuut don't worry. You can all breathe a sigh of relief. I left them there. I have no intention of having any more dead ducks on my conscience. I definitely showed back up at the farm wearing this shirt though. Definitely got the reaction I was hoping for.

Sorry, I can't my chickens need me.

It's a legit excuse these days, friends. Unless you're a hot single male... then in that case the chickens can wait.

Tried Strawberry ice cream for the first time. No judgement, please. It's not that I have anything against strawberry ice cream, but I just kind of feel that if I’m going to eat the calories I want there to be chocolate in it. Just sayin’. Although, I definitely have something against Neapolitan ice cream. Gross. Judge away on that one.

May or may not have eaten M & M's for breakfast. Not the wisest choice I've ever made but not gonna lie, I'd do it again. And before you get to judgey about the ice cream and M & M's... I did attempt some healthy life decisions to offset these bad ones. Although in my defense, strawberries are a fruit. I've got no excuse for the M & M's. Well, I definitely have an excuse, just not a good one. #girlproblems

Healthy Life Decision: Walked some trails before it got stinkin' cold again. I was asked if I wanted to take the dogs with my on my trail walk. Nope. The answer was a solid no. No hesitation. No second though. Just no.

And told the whole internet world about my virginity. I don't know if this counts as a super successful weekend or a total fail of a weekend. (In case you are reading this going "What the?!?"... You'll want to catch up with this post: Too Pretty to be a Virgin )

But then this happened.... and when this happens I definitely feel like I must be doing something right in this world....

My post got banned from Instagram. Twice. I do not apparently meet their community guidelines. Kim Kardashian meets their community guidelines but I do not. I mean the reality is my community guidelines and theirs are clearly different. I just didn't think mine would get me banned from them. I thought for sure I'd be banning them from mine first.

Instagram 1 Stephanie 0.

Well played Instagram.

I've got lots of words in me about this whole cancel culture thing. But those I'm saving for another day. There may or may not be a shirt to help sum up my thoughts on this one. But until then....

Anyone else think we might be better off if we just cancelled the whole internet in general?

Just a thought.


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