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Today A Blonde Barista, Tomorrow?

Here's a fun "the difference a year makes" photo opp. April 2020 vs. April 2021. Today I'm attempting to step up my cool game with a middle part. Well, at least with an attempt at a middle part. The last time I had a middle part was in high school. I refuse to break out anything but the skinny jeans though... this mom jean trend needs to go buh-bye. I might possibly, maybe, sort of be on board with the middle part being a thing. We shall see. But also... let's talk about my eyelashes. In the picture with black hair I'm wearing fake eyelashes. In the picture from this week with the brown hair.... My eyelashes. No fake lashes, no eyelash curler, just some mascara. Don't hate me, buuuut.... at what point do you have to start trimming your own eyelashes? I mean I might have found the eyelash equivalent to the fountain of youth. I started using Rodan & Fields Lash Boost about a month ago. Annnnnd...... I feel like that's all I need to say about that. Full disclosure... I should probably warn you it's stupid expensive buuuut totally worth it in my book. I warned you that I'm a total product snob when I find something I love.

In case you want to try it for yourself.... or just gasp at the price:

A year has made quite a difference in my life, buuuuut..... maybe not so much for the world.... My time memories yesterday reminded me that on April 21 of 2020 it was 27 degrees and snowy. And on that cold frigid day in the middle of quarantine, in the middle of 2020, in the middle of the freakin' freezin' cold... God gave us a beautiful sunset.

You know what it was yesterday morning on April 21 of 2021?... 27 degrees and snowy. And you know what happened last night? Another beautiful sunset. God is good. Even if I hate the cold and snow.

We might indeed be living in a groundhog's day reality in regards to April 21. But also, it should be noted that for future reference no outdoor wedding or events of any kind on April 21. Let me just work on my predicting the future skills here and go with... It's going to snow. But on a positive note, there should be a beautiful sunset.

And while, I’d like to think I’m young enough to be considered cool with teens still, I might be living in my own reality with that thought. And so if I can’t be cool, I’ll just embrace the crazy... which means totally following through with my threat to show up to Bella's first job in costume. I decided to tame it down for my first appearance…. Blonde barista style. Just embracing and preparing for the blonde life over here. I definitely left the wig on the rest of the day, which definitely included going out to eat. There were a few strange looks, but that kind of made it more enjoyable. There are definitely more costumes in my future. And kudos to Bella…. She was a trooper. She laughed with me.... well, maybe at me.... And she was willing to take a picture. She's the best.

Now... as far as all her friends that she works with... well... they aren’t too sure about me… but don't worry, I plan on winning them over.... one costume at a time.

Showed up to work on Sunday and found this lovely sign sitting on my desk. Someone knows me well. And it seems appropriate that I break out these shoes for this sign. I’ll refrain from telling you how many colors I own these in. But the reality is life is better when some bling or sparkles are involved. I promise.

Started my way through the New Testament this week. Matthew chapter 1 is the genealogy of Christ. It's always been a part of the Bible that I've kind of skimmed through whenever I've read through Matthew. After all, who needs to read a list of names? Right?!? Confession though, after reading through the Old Testament, each name on that list kind of took on a whole new meaning. Each name on that list had a story and a life that was so fresh in my mind that I couldn't help but get a little emotional as I thought through all the people that God used whose legacy ended up being Christ. This lineage is made up of so many types of people: men, women, adulterers, prostitutes, heroes, common people, kings... So many different people, so many different situations, lifestyles, problems, and experiences. And through them Christ ultimately came in order to be a savior for them (and us!) all.

Because the reality is...

The only perfect person in Christ's genealogy is Christ himself.

And news flash... there hasn't been a perfect person since then either.

I mean, I like to make an attempt at that whole perfection thing every now and then...

But, unfortunately, I fail. Quite miserably.

Ultimately though friends, I'm reminded in this genealogy that our worth isn't in the mistakes we've made, the bad decisions, the poor choices, or the consequences that may come with those. Our identity isn't in what has happened to us, what we are struggling with or what we are suffering through. Those things might all help explain us, but they don't have to be what defines us.

Because the reality is our good works will never make us perfect. We can't earn right standing before God.

But our God is a good God, and what we can do is accept the grace, mercy, and forgiveness that he has so lovingly offered us when he gave up his son to die on the cross for our sins.

Find your worth in that.

I promise you it will be a game changer.


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