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A Blonde Farmgirl In The Making Part 3

Just a light hearted week recap for y'all today....

We’ve got some blonde, friends. It’s nothing short of a miracle. No more black. A whole lot of brown. Buuuuuut.... some hope in the form of blonde can be seen. I don’t love brown hair. No offense to anyone sporting brown hair out there... I just don’t love it on me. Soooo I’m excited to move past this stage. But that kind of sums up my life at the moment. Sooooo it seems quite appropriate that this in-between stage last for a little bit longer. I’m told good things come to those who wait. We shall see. We’ve got a month until the next hair appointment... so until then I’ll just be over here attempting to embrace this brunette thing.

This morning at church I had a three and a half year old come up to me and ask where my other hair went. I say three and a half because that is how all our conversation start these days. He politely informs me that he is no longer three but now three and a half. It’s a big deal, friends. I try to talk him into going backwards informing him that getting older is a trap. He tells me no. All of our conversations have started this exact same way since this adorable child reached his half birthday. It makes me smile every time. And then today our conversation went to my hair...

Where did your other hair go?

I colored it.

But where did it go?

I don't have it anymore

But where did it go?

She took the color out of it.

Ok, but where is it?

It baffled him. I’ll take that as a win. He walked out of my office with his hands on his own hair. I think he might now think his is going to change. I might have some explaining to do to his parents. Or... we can just go with I’m preparing him for life. Valuable life lessons with Stephanie happening over here... three year old style.

But also, kudos to the three year old boy…. Sorry… three and a half year old boy… HE REALIZED I CHANGED MY HAIR. He basically wins the award for doing well in life. He’s going to win over some girl in big ways someday.

And in the farmgirl adventure...

I’m still working on talking my farm friends into expanding their live farm collection. Until then, I’ve taken matters into my own hands. There is a chicken currently brooding. I didn’t know what that was until about two weeks ago. Bella told me to stick a few eggs underneath this chicken. I asked her how many a “few” was?

She did not give me a clear answer.

OK…. so maybe she did give me a clear answer and maybe i didn’t listen. All my brain was telling me was one thing…. soooo.....basically, the more eggs I put under this chicken the more chances I will have at more baby chickens?

I mean I’d like to tell you I only put a few under there. But baby chickens are the cutest. And let’s be honest...

I’m not very good at moderation.

In running adventures… the dirt roads turned into some mud running this week. My shoes will never be the same. But it was fun. And oddly the fastest I’ve run 5 miles in a while.

I completed the month of April with logging a solid 92 miles. My type A personality seriously cringes that it wasn’t a solid 100. I’m aiming for 150 this month. Started that off with a 10 mile run today... In the 80 degree sunshine. I refuse to complain about the heat and the sunshine. But I will sum it up with this explanation...

I got passed by a tractor. I'm not saying that reflects my speed in anyway. Buuuut.... it could. Or we will just go with... When you run on dirt roads you get passed by tractors apparently. My new goal is to hitchhike a ride on one of these in the middle of a run. I feel like I can make that happen in my life.

I passed this Dream Big Farm. Such an encouraging name. And so hopeful. I had thoughts of stopping in.... but then came up to the house across the street. Annnnd.... spotted this (in the tree). I don’t even know what to do with this. Except I feel like there's a connection. Like... the Dream Big Farm might be where dreams go to die… and this is what your left with as you are attempting to run away.

I think I'll just stick to running on this road. Happy Trails seems like it has to lead to somewhere that doesn't involve ending up a skeleton in a tree. Right?!?

Confession. I've been aware of TikTok. I've had it on my phone. I uncomfortably watched the crazy that took place during quarantine. There's things you can't unsee friends. But I never dug too much into it. Until this week. And all I have to say is... where has this been the last 6 months of my life? I'm not sure I've ever laughed so hard at some of the things out there. I obviously want to be TikTok famous now. I will not be dancing or singing, but I feel like I've got something in me that could benefit the world on there.... I'm just not sure what at the moment. I'm open to suggestions.

Until then I may or may not have sent this one to my Favorite Hair Miracle Worker and told her I might try this at our next appointment....

And finally, I may or may not have hung a life-size picture statue of Jesus in a 17 year old boys room this week.

Solid parenting help coming from me over here.

Try waking up and going to sleep to that every night. Just helping make the world a better place one teenager at a time.

You're welcome.

And while I continue on this blonde farmgirl in the making journey that I am currently on.... I'll just be over here showing my support in the form of this hat. Because 1... and most importantly... I appreciate the police. And 2... It's pink.

That is all.

Have a great week, Friends!


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