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Day 76... Today I almost Died. Kind Of.

Day 76.

And on Day 76, I’m sitting alone in a big empty church building on this early morning when I hear what can only be described as someone trying to shatter the glass and break into the main office door.

Every worst case scenario immediately runs through my head with multiple plans on how to best get out alive if said intruder gets in. Step one is obviously get closer to the situation to be able to better assess the problem. I mean if I’m going to live through this I want to be able to give a description of the intruder to the police. I didn’t say it was the smartest step one, but it made sense to me. Heart racing and adrenaline running I make my way down to the door.

I’m basically pretty sure I’m about to die…

I come around the corner doing my best to not be seen by this obviously violent intruder...

Deep breath...

And I died. Just in a different way then I was expecting. #laughterfordays

Just over here fighting off one wild turkey at a time. #ministry

#Stayhomestaysafe just took on a whole new meaning. Wild turkeys. Jumanji. Level 8.


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