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I Miss W.

Just going to throw this one out there. Probably not a popular opinion, but this one might be my favorite one yet. I’ll let you figure this one out on your own. #passiveagressivetshirts

70 degrees. When I got dressed this morning I knew it was supposed to be 70 degrees. I’m not saying it’s not 70 degrees but.... I had this bright idea to wear short sleeves today... it seemed like a logical decision.

Why am I freezing?

I’ve got two heaters going. My office is currently 74. I don’t regret much in life. My decision to wear short sleeves today. Deep regrets.

Although speaking of deep regrets… I was going to run outside tonight. I had plans to run outside tonight. I did not run outside tonight.

But… I did get to hang out with these two cuties this evening. Starbucks was obviously needed. Let’s not talk about how instead of running outside I consumed a 500 calorie coffee. Apparently there were all kinds of poor decision making today.

Starbucks might have been a poor decision, but hanging out with these two was definitely not a poor decision. Well for me. I’m just going to assume the sediment goes both ways. I’ll just be over here thinking I’m still cool…

In my “I Miss W.” shirt.

But anyway... Meet Isabella and Adelyn. Isabella is the 15 year old whose family I am living with. According to her I’m never allowed to move out. We have words over this because obviously she is supposed to be praying something entirely different. For reals. No need to be praying that. But seriously, she’s a bright spot in my life. And nothing is sweeter, friends, than a 15 year old telling you she was up in the middle of the night praying for you. I love her.

Today was Monday and Monday nights mean family dinner and devotional. I have come to treasure these nights. Some nights are full of serious questions and interesting thoughts and other nights are full of laughs. Tonight was lots of laughs. I literally have no idea how we ended up on this conversation, but for some reason we were talking about the angels appearing to the shepherds to tell of the birth of Jesus.

Obviously the shepherds went to find him. Hurried off is what the Bible says.

And then their 17 year old posed this question...

But what happened to the sheep?

I died.

Nothing. I got nothing.

It’s way past my bedtime.


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