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Lessons From Dad

On this Father’s Day....

Things I learned from my dad:

1. Resting your eyes is acceptable when taking a nap is not. 2. You can learn much about a person from their handshake. 3. Pick hobbies that your family and friends can do with you. 4. Being by the water is a magical thing. 5. Adventures are always worth the drive. 6. Music is meant to be enjoyed. 7. To build something by hand means that it should then be able to withstand the apocalypse. 8. Being prepared actually means being over prepared. 9. You can never own too many baseball hats or flashlights. This may have carried over to dresses in my life. Just sayin’. 10. A funny story is always a worth stopping and listening to.

Things my dad has put in a valid attempt at teaching me that just don’t seem to stick:

1. Never let your gas tank get below half full. 2. When I said we were leaving at a certain time what I actually meant was 15 minutes before that certain time. 3. You should always have some cash on hand. 4. New registration tabs are meant to go on the license plate not sit in your car. 5. Don’t leave open drinks in the fridge. #iwassavingit 6. The amount of miles you can get per gallon is more important than how fast you can get there. -#nope #timeismoneydad 7. Meat should be well done. #mediumrare 8. Not procrastinating. #oops 9. Have you filled your windshield wiper fluid? #thatswhyicomevisityouDad 10. The Captain is always right. #hesthecaptain

*There may or may not be a car theme with many of these. #hmmm


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