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quarantine day 10

Day 10.

Week 2. Day 3.

October is the 10th month. Dimes are 10 cents. A decade is 10 years. Crabs have 10 legs. Squids have 10 limbs. Hot dogs come in packs of 10 (not sure why since buns come in 8). Shrimp have 10 legs. Who knew?! Bowling has 10 pins. Humans have 10 fingers and 10 toes. Decagons have 10 sides. AND I HAVE BEEN IN MY HOUSE FOR 10 DAYS.

10 DAYS! I have not left my house in 10 days.

But there’s an end in sight… well of quarantine. Not of this stay-at-home order.

1. Today I decided to burn some of the sticks that were piling up in my yard. 1. I successfully started this fire. That’s a first for me. 2. As I was adding sticks to the fire it occurred to me that I COULD SMELL THE FIRE! Why is this such a big deal you ask? 1. I lost my sense of smell 10 days ago. Not like stuffed up lost my sense of smell. Just like that sense totally gone. So weird. But apparently all part of the Covid thing. 2. Campfire smells are one of my favorite smells. Because... 1. Campfires normally mean summer is here or near. 2. It seems to me that campfires are always with people you love being around. Let’s be honest you don’t hangout at campfires with people you don’t like. So the memories are normally good ones! And all that to say if my smell is returning then my last symptom that I had is going away. My quarantine posts are going to have to become stay-at-home posts.

2. This quarantine has been pretty productive as far as yard work is concerned. My problem though is that at this point I have no idea what are actually plants and what are weeds. So I did my best to guess. But there’s a good possibility I’m going to be gardening and watering weeds this summer. Who am I kidding there will be no watering of any of this. It’s either going to rain or it’s going to die. I can’t keep plants alive. Fun fact: I’ve killed multiple cacti. I don’t want to brag but I’m pretty sure that takes skill. #cactuskiller #notagreenthumb

3. It occurred to me today that something new in my life is this whole breakfast thing. It’s just not something I’ve ever done before. I normally get up, go to the gym, come home, get around, and leave. Breakfast was either coffee or a protein shake on the go. Well... what I should say is that breakfast is always coffee and sometimes a protein shake. Let’s not pretend that coffee is negotiable. #coffeealldayeveryday #coffeeaddict

4. There were some special surprises today! This delicious muffin from Great Harvest. They are apparently still open and a great local business to support if you are looking to pick up lunch one of these days. I highly recommend their chicken salad sandwich. Who am I kidding? I highly recommend everything there. @greatharvest

And ice cream! Not only ice cream you guys, but new jewelry and a homemade card to go along with it! I’ll be modeling the new jewelry for you tomorrow. I just took a shower today. So I'm currently rocking the no makeup look. And as real as I like to be, I’m not willing to be that real for y’all quite yet. #justsayin #icecream #kidsarethebest

5. And finally today’s game of dress up. I think this is dress #5. I’ve still got some more bridesmaid dresses in there. They’ll make their appearance eventually. #letsplaydressup #dressesfordays #ilikeprettythings


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