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Quarantine Day 11

Day 11

Week 2. Day 4. More hours than I want to count.

Sunday. The day before Monday but after Saturday. Just in case like me you’ve lost track of what day it is…

1. Well, today got off to a great start. I sat down in my chair in front of my puzzle with my cup of coffee figuring I had 30 minutes before I needed to make sure I had everything ready to go for live church… only to have this thing crawl across me. You guys…. I can’t even. I HATE SPIDERS. Obviously I have to burn the house down now. #wheretheresonetheresmore

2. Live Church. How fun was this? Technology totally stresses me out sometimes. It reminds me that ultimately I don’t actually have control. I can only do so much and then it’s kind of out of my hands. I’m so thankful that it all worked this morning. And worked well! And thankful for these two for leading in worship and teaching! #sofun #butforreal #controlissues

3. What a beautiful day it was. I decided to go on a treasure hunt. For rocks. I went on a treasure hunt for rocks. Someone years ago thought it would be loads of fun to circle all the trees in my yard with small rocks. Small rocks that serve no purpose, now, other than to destroy my lawn mower. So. Many. Rocks. And so, like a child digging for treasures in the sand, I dug up rocks. #rocksfordays

That’s ok… I spent some time in my hammock too. That made up for all the rocks. #sunshine #yesplease

4. It’s been 16 days since I’ve seen these two. So excited to be able to spend some time facetiming with them today. They make my heart happy. And they’re pretty funny too. #lotsoflaughs #smilesfordays #lovethem

5. Dress #6. I’m going to have to stop numbering dresses pretty soon here. I don’t actually want to know how many I own. And I definitely don’t want y’all to know exactly what a problem my dress obsession is. So here’s the dress and let’s change the topic. When all this is over… I’m going to wear lipstick more. Life just seems more adventurous with lipstick on. #dressup #somanydresses #lipstickfun

And as a bonus…. The new jewelry I received yesterday that I promised I would model today. Seriously, my little friend Skylar made this for me. I mean really, does it get any better than this folks? #no#noitdoesnt But now that I"m looking at this picture.... I really need to dye my hair. #actuallyablonde


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