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Quarantine Day 13

Day 13

Week 2. Day 6

Today I did something I’ve never had to do before. Teaching someone how to address an envelope. Eric . I taught Eric how to address and envelope. Whose Eric you ask? Oh, he’s my co-worker. My 25 year old co-worker. My 25 year old co-worker who apparently has never been taught how to address an envelope. I really don’t think I’m that old. And we still all get mail. So the question of the day is….. Is this something that kids are taught in school now? I’ll totally give him the benefit of the doubt and recognize that if you pay your bills online, addressing an envelope is rare, but still….. Sorry Eric…. Totally throwing you under the bus here. #sorrynotsorry #snailmail

1. Did you guys know that Panera has a coffee subscription?? A. Coffee. Subscription. You guys, this is basically heaven on earth. $8.99 a month and you get a reward that renews every two hours for free coffee. Obviously, this is now a part of my life. I order it on my app, pull up to the drive thru and they hand me my coffee. This is currently a bright spot in my life. Also, I love their hazelnut coffee. My coffee snob friends… feel free to openly judge me now. And please note, I use the word snob endearingly. But seriously, Panera for the win. #panera #coffee #imayhaveaproblem

2. I wasn’t sure this was going to happen today. Because let’s be honest. It was super crappy out this morning. Which really, the weather was just channeling how crappy this whole virus situation is. But the afternoon was a happy surprise. I made it outside for a run and for something else I have never done before…. A bike ride in GB. Really, normally, the only time I ever ride my bike is once a year on Mackinac Island. But, since I can’t see people or even go and participate in some therapeutic shopping…. A bike ride it is. And how great is this bike stop at Physicains Park?!? #exercise #bikeride #runmichigan

3. I’m on a mission. While everything is empty at work…. Cleaning and organization seemed like a great idea. I figure at this point all things VHS can go, right?!? Confession. Cleaning and organizing always seems like a great idea in my head. And then about half way through I begin to question my sanity. What the what was I thinking?!? And I haven’t even attempted the kids area in the storage room yet. For those of you that know what I’m talking about when I say ‘storage room’…. You totally just cringed, didn’t you?!? If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days someone may need to send help. To the storage room. But still… cleaning and organizing is a better option than a dog, right?!? #iloveorganization #ihatecleaning #frustratedorganizer #whatsaVHS #puppies

4. I Facetimed with some friends the other night and their 5 year old sung this song to me. You should definitely listen to the video of this one. I, ironically, own a stuffed animal that sings this song. The pug was a gift from some little boys that I love…. Because I love pugs and their mom knew I also enjoy the actual song. The pug version goes something like this….

I like big hugs and I cannot lie. Never let a hug pass me by. You can give high fives or cuddles. But please don't lose those hugs. So fellas? Yeah? Ladies? Yeah? You wanna hug this love pug maybe? Oh yeah! Then get those arms out, please. And just give me a big ol' squeeze. I love big hugs!

Confession #2…. If you recognize the tune… we can definitely be friends. If you don’t recognize this tune…. Good for you. Don’t go looking for it. And don’t worry we can still be friends. You’ll just probably will be a better influence on me than I will be on you.

All that to say though…. I’m never been a huge hugger. Well let me rephrase that. I’m particular about who I hug. You know what I’m talking about right?!? But it hit me today that I miss those hugs. Please tell me we will be a world that hugs again?!? #hugs #socialdistancingisnotforeverright ?!?

5. And the dress up game continues. This is what I refer to as my Christmas dress. I think I’ve worn it for Christmas, and only for Christmas, for like the last 5 years. Red is fun. #christmasdress #sequins #dressesfordays


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