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Quarantine Day 14

Day 14

Week 2 day 7.

That’s over 336 hours, folks. I don’t know whether to celebrate this or cry over this. It changes on a minute to minute basis.

Today I got an email that John Piper has a new book out. What is his new book you ask? It’s titled Coronavirus and Christ. I can’t help but think he used his quarantine time way better than I’ve used mine. The man wrote a book. No big deal, John, just go and write a book. I’m just going to sit here and pretend we are on a first name basis. I cooked twice. Just sayin’. (In all seriousness though, John Piper is awesome and definitely worth reading!)

1. It was so nice out today!! I decided to be adventurous today. I rode my bike to the park, ran through the park, and rode my bike home. What I currently don’t own is a helmet, a bike lock, and a water bottle holder. All three of those things would have been handy today. Good news… I’m still alive, so the helmet can wait another day. And I didn’t have to walk home, so no one stole my bike (I’m pretty sure I can thank coronavirus for that… ain’t no one touching anything that’s not theirs). A bike lock is currently on its way from Amazon. Pink, of course. For some reason that seemed more important than the helmet. Feel free to question my logic here.

The best part though was that in the dead brown lifeless woods this little sign of life could be seen. There’s life out there guys. I don't know why it seems so surprising. I blame the one too many dystopian movies that I’ve watched.

2. Now that I think about it, I was super adventurous today. I also began to tackle this ginormous feat. Otherwise known as the storage room. Now before you question my organizational skills here, please know, I made it out alive and it’s a work in progress. The after picture of all the bins organized and on a shelf is going to make your heart flutter… in a good way. #iloveorganization

3. And in the midst of organizing, I found this sign. Disclaimer: It’s definitely from years and years ago and times are certainly different now. But… I have so many questions! A year ago if someone had invited me to a friendship dinner I would have probably politely declined and then secretly wondered what cult they were trying to get me to join.. Or…. Well, let’s just go with I have so many questions. But…. After this whole quarantine thing, I’m thinking a friendship dinner might be an invite I would jump at. And yes, I've worn sparkly shoes all week. It seems to help with life at the moment. #people #justgivemepeople #yesplease

4. Our meetings, much like the classrooms, are no longer in a room around tables but on a screen. This is such a great group of men. I’m thankful to be a part of a team who gets to work with this leadership crew. #theyreprettyawesome

You guys, can you even imagine what life would have been like for the last month without technology?!? I can’t and don’t want to. As annoying and frustrating as technology can be sometimes, I’m so thankful for the ability we have to meet, talk, and chat with people in all these different forms. #technology #loveithateit

5. And finally, dress up time. To celebrate the completion of week two I decided to switch it up a bit today. Mostly because I was just super excited to put on this romper. This might be the most comfortable piece of clothing I now own. Amazon, you guys. Amazon is the best. Just sayin’!


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