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Quarantine Day 15

Day 15.

Week 3. Day 1.

And it appears that these quarantine posts just got extended another 21 days. #stayhomstaysafe

You know those shirts at the tourist shops down south that say… "Grandma went to Florida and all she got me was this shirt"? I feel like we need shirts that say... I survived quarantine and __________. You fill in the blank however you want. Right now I’m thinking… Well, I didn’t write a book, but I also haven’t gained the quarantine 15... So there’s that. (Please refrain from all comments about how my not gaining the quarantine 15 probably might have something to do with the fact that I ate my own cooking.) #21daystogo

1. So this is apparently how mail comes to me now. I mean, it’s not a title that I’m going to complain about as long as I get to wear a tiara. #justsayin’ I’ll just be here waiting for my king, or knight in shining armor. Applications can be sent to the address on the envelope. #ohwait #where #maybethatsmyproblem #quarantined

2. By far the best thing that I found today was this. I have no words and so many questions. What? Why? How? Who? I’m dying. Dead. I did have to google speculum. Don’t worry, I knew better than to allow google to use those two words together. I’m officially educated. But seriously, what the what was this box doing anywhere besides in a female doctor's office. And the real question is….. Did I open it to find out what was in it?!? I’ll leave that story for another day. #strangefinds #dyinglaughing #whatthe

3. You guys?!? I’m not going to brag. Actually, yes, yes I am. I single handedly filled up this dumpster. Now how did I take this picture? Well, I can’t tell you all my secrets. You should know though that I lost my shoe in said dumpster on the way in. I wonder if the parking lot cameras can see the dumpster. #freeentertainment

4. So fun fact: I love grocery shopping. In the early morning or late night, I find some peacefulness in it. I can roam the aisles and just think. I’ve always liked it. Now granted, I’m not bribing screaming kids as I go through the store. That might change my disposition on it. But grocery shopping isn’t the same right now…I did a pretty good job of avoiding it til now. I broke today and braved it today though. Surreal. It’s too real, too weird, and too depressing. And then I walked outside and it was snowing. Nope. Just nope. How in the world was it almost 70 yesterday and snowing today?!? But hey, this mango salsa is delicious. Seriously.

5. And so, let’s play dress up. If I run out of dresses will the quarantine end? Unfortunately, I've definitely got 21 more. #dreesesfordays

I’ve got to be honest. This stay home stay safe slogan is starting to mock me. #stayhomestaysafe #stayhomegoinsane They are pretty much one and the same at this point.

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