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Quarantine Day 19

Day 19.

Week 3. Day 5.

I drove home from Holland this morning. Not gonna lie. I kind of feel like I’m living a life of crime being out on the roads.

On the drive home I came across a billboard for an eyeglass company that simply stated, “What’s your vision for 2020?” I appreciate their play on words there. And I’m going to assume that this billboard went up before 2020 became this. #thatisunfortunate #notthis

And speaking of 2020, have you seen the meme that points out… Since Friends left Netflixs in 2020 it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year. #interesting #nowthatsfunny

1. I did a thing today! I was supposed to run a marathon at the end of May. It got cancelled. Luckily I can defer that race until next year, but I’ve been training and now have no race to run. I’m a total deadline person. In case you didn’t know that. Otherwise known as a procrastinator. I’m just not willing to call myself that. I prefer acknowledging that I appreciate deadlines. So… all that to say... I need something to train for. A date. An endgame. A race. A friend sent me this today. Yes, that’s right it’s a Conquer COVID-19 Run. A virtual run. Not a video game. I promise. Virtual because everyone logs their run separately and then submits their results. It didn’t take long for someone to jump on this money maker did it? They got me though. I’ll get my official COVID-19 marathon medal as soon as I officially log my 26.2 miles. 26.2 “social distance” safe miles obviously. #socialdistancerunning #runmichigan #running

2. As I was looking through my pictures to find my own senior picture, which was now 20 years ago. What?... How?... What?... #tears I came across these gems. Since they’re not on Facebook, I figure I get the privilege of posting them. You guys, my parents were adorable, right?! My senior picture is coming tomorrow…. my blonde senior pictures.

3. My puzzle superhero powers failed me last night. My goal was to finish this before I left my parents. So close. Apparently, I am human after all. Also, please note, my dad sat down and organized all my puzzle pieces as seen in this picture. If anyone wonders where I get my obsession to detail form…. Look no further. #perfectionist #OCD

4. If flowers grow in a courtyard but no one ever sees them where they ever really there? Don’t worry, these flowers won’t go to waste, figured someone should enjoy them. Where I got them? Some of you, I”m sure will know, but I’ll never tell. #flowers #spring

5. Confession. I definitely own too many black dresses. Far too many. #dressesfordays


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