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Quarantine Day 2

Two days.

Day 2.

And for some reason my extroverted self who is currently trapped in an introverted world feels the need to publicly diary my life for y’all. Well the fun stuff anyway.... I’m only on day 2 after all. No promises on what the days to come might bring. #itcouldbeatrainwreck

1. This weather!!!! I broke out the deck furniture! And had windows open today! #soexciting #sunshine #pleasestay

2. A fun surprise! Some kind soul sent me this lovely delivery. I don’t know who you are but #thankyou #seriously #bubblebee

3. Quarantine win #2.... I found the screws to my table that I also lost when I moved. I’m killing this game of hide and seek the last two days. Just sayin’. #hideandseek #iwin

4. I’m still holding tight to the belief that I have puzzle superpowers.... #tobecontinued

5. You know that whole ‘if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it actually make a sound’ thing??? I think the same applies for quarantine. If I get dressed and put on makeup but no humans actually see me... did it actually happen? #hmmm #lifequestions #pictureproof #viaselfie


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