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Quarantine Day 20

Day 20.

Week 3. Day 6.

Alexa tells me a joke every morning. Today’s gem…. A limbo champion walked into a bar. He immediately got disqualified. #haha #shesgotjokes

1. Alright, as promised. 20 years and opposite ends of the spectrum for hair color. You guys, cameras and filters have gotten so much better!! #blonde #black #seniorpicture #thenandnow

2. Big things happened in my life today. Today marks 1000 days that I have opened my Timehop app. I’m not saying I have commitment issues…. But I got more excited than I probably should have over this. I may or may not have sent a friend a screen shot of the 999 yesterday with a note warning her that big things were happening in my life tomorrow. I also may or may not have a deal with above mentioned friend that if I end up in a coma her kids are in charge of opening that app every single day until I recover. #committment #success #win

3. If this doesn’t make your heart flutter, well do you have a heart? It’s beautiful. Trust me. Confession. It totally drives me nuts that the storage bins are not all the same color. #justsayin .#iloveorganization #obsessed #confession

4. I got this sweet treat straight from Guatemala. She knows me well. Rae…. Thanks for thinking of me. RaeAnna went down to Guatemala to live and serve with special education students. Unfortunately, her trip got cut short, well, because of Corona. We’re glad we get her back but sad that it didn’t quite go as planned. Though that’s kind of the story of my life. So Rae…. way to roll with the punches! I’m super excited to try the coffee #coffee #mylovelanguage

5. This dress is one of my all time faces. It’s just a fun gold color and makes me feel like royalty. #royalty #agirlcandream #gold #dressesfordays

Week 3 is almost in the books. Anyone else feel like they’re a different person today than 3 weeks ago? And I’m not talking about the quarantine 15. Being left to yourself or with your family or in crisis 24/7 or all of a sudden having to homeschool or work from home and not being able to go anywhere certainly has a way of putting a magnifying glass on your life huh?!? #thetruthhurtssometimes #roomtoimprove #sanctification

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