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Quarantine Day 21

Day 21.

Week 3. Day 7.

WHO COULD USE A GOOD LAUGH TODAY? Me. I could. It’s snowing. Legit snowing. We’ve still got two more weeks of this. 15 days to be exact. Well, hopefully. Who knows? And Facebook was just super depressing today. I need to laugh… so let’s talk about some happy things!

I have a new goal in life for when this is all over. I’m finding myself a senior men's coffee group and joining it. I see them at all the donut and coffee shops in the early mornings and they always make me smile. I just want to sit there and have coffee with them and laugh at their stories. That is all. I think I would be a nice addition to their group. #forreal

1. I wore this tiara all day today. In the office. Cleaning out the storage room. I even climbed into the dumpster with my tiara on. I might have to ask someone to pull up the security cameras for that one. That helped a little. Ladies, I recommend you try it some time. If you need a tiara, I have extras. I’m willing to share. You are responsible for corona cleaning it though. Everything is better with a tiara on. I promise. Men, you are welcome to try it. I’m sure you’ll give everyone around you a good laugh, which then in theory should make you laugh too. I think. Well, as long as you embrace that whole laughing with you and not at you thing. Just a thought. Just don’t go out in public. I mean you might get a few laughs, but mostly I’m thinking just strange looks… and I might need to ask you to hand over your man card. #tiarasmakeeverythingbetter #dumpsterdiving #withatiara #livinlifetothefullest

2. And by all day long... I mean all day long. I also participated in a zoom meeting with it on. I’m rockin’ this whole life thing at the moment. #ithelped #rockinlife #ithink

3. Look you guys. Panera is putting some hope in our lives here. They put out their patio furniture! It’s like they truly believe that we are going to be able to sit together in groups again... and have coffee… and eat. This makes me so hopeful. I definitely informed the manager of that when I went through there this morning. #panera #hope #somedaysoon #fortheloveofallthings #please #prettyplease

4. Found this gem today. My dad was wearing masks before they were cool. #justsayin That’s me as a baby. That bonnet is pretty adorable right?!? I love this picture so much. Obviously, I then sent this picture to my family group chat. And my dad then sent back the second picture, letting me know that he was still cool. Can’t argue with that. Hope it’s in my genes. Sidenote: Should I be concerned that my dad has a mask on and I don’t in that first picture?!? #justwondering #cooldad #stillcool #38yearslater #masks #thenandnow

Hope it makes you smile on this cold, snowy, April, half-way through April, never ending, quarantined-forever day.

5. This is one of my favorite summer dresses…. And my favorite jean jacket. And flip flops. You guys. I can’t wait to wear flip flops and sandals again. I was made for summer weather. Is that ironic since I was born in January?!? #notsure #dressesfordays #summer

And to close, here’s the conversation that went down in my office today.

Eric: Why are you still wearing that tiara? Me: Why not? This is where I’m at in life.


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