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Quarantine Day 22

Day 22.

Week 4. Day 1.

I got invited to join a senior men’s coffee group. This for sure was a bright spot in my day! And they meet at a Panera. I can use my coffee subscription, enjoy some hazelnut coffee and make some new friends. Now I just need this stay at home order to go away, Panera to open, and people be allowed to meet in groups again. Small steps. It will happen, right?!? Please say yes. I might need to share some more of my life goals here and see if y’all can solve them for me.

1. So let’s start a little debate here. Confession: I have an insane amount of notification on my phone. As detail oriented as I am about some things, this is something that doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t delete my emails. I rarely check my voicemail. And I don’t open all of my text messages. I definitely had a friend (just a friend) tell me that he couldn’t date someone who allowed this to happen in their life. Maybe that’s my problem. Let me clear out my notifications and get back to you on that one. #nope #thatsnothappening

So where are you at in this? Do the red notifications drive you nuts? And do you check your voicemails or just call people back? Feel free to drop me a screenshot of your phone screen. Let’s see if anyone can beat my 17,000 unopened emails?!? I owe you a coffee if you can.

2. I just really believe my grass should not be growing. 1 - because of corona and 2 - because it’s currently 39 degrees out. But if my grass can grow during all of this, so can I… personally, not physically. Just to clarify. I will be waiting until it is at least 60 out to mow it though. And until then, I blame corona. #yardwork #warmweatherplease

3. I love coffee. All coffee. Tea though. Well… I’m a high maintenance tea drinker. I don’t actually want it to taste like tea. If anyone ever offers me tea my response is normally… Does it taste tea-ee? People often look at me like I’m crazy. I might be. This though. This is delicious. It’s the perfect sweet fix in my life when I’m hungry and trying to make good choices. #tea #gingerhoney #yum

4. This one is a super vulnerable, super real one. Read at your own risk. #girlemotions

Today sucked. There were lots of tears. 1 - Because I’m a girl and there is like this one magical day a month where I cry no matter what. Today was that day. 2 - I’m over this stay at home thing. Like really over it. 3- And to top it all off, I got some weird rash when I was working in my yard and it is now on my face. So that’s awesome. (There may be some sarcasm involved with that awesome statement). #makeuptotherescue

This whole thing is lived through the perspective that you choose. I get that. And... the Lord definitely has things to teach me. And... it would probably be a whole lot more enjoyable and easy if I always chose the perspective that keeps Christ at the center and not myself at the center. But you guys, sometimes it’s just so hard. RIGHT?!? It’s hard to be content stuck at home. It’s hard to understand that God has a plan in this. And that in the end it is for our good. Because right now it doesn’t feel good. It’s hard to have my life, and my schedule, and my routine out of my control. Because, to be honest, right now I’m kind of just done... over-it... ready for my life back.

There’s a whole lot of me in all of those statements though, huh? I’m working on living through the Christ perspective and not the me perspective. But it’s a daily struggle and today that struggle was a little more real than other days. I’m thankful that this is just a moment. And that my hope isn’t in myself, my circumstances, or the world I live in, but in Christ. And in the meantime…. One. Day. At. A. Time. And some good memes. Those are nice too. #hopeinChrist #itsnotaboutme #memesplease

5. Confession, I may or may not have done my part to help the economy this week by purchasing another dress or two or…. I’ll just stop there. #retailtherapy


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