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Quarantine Day 23

Day 23.

Week 4. Day 2.

WHY IS IT SNOWING? That is all.

1. For those of you unfamiliar with the apple watch, the whole goal each day is to close the rings. There’s three rings. A calories burned ring. An exercise ring. And a movement ring. Close all three rings and your watch celebrates with some vibrations and fun confetti. It’s super exciting. Trust me. Quarantine has not been kind to my rings. If you’ll notice in this picture my rings are looking quite sad. That’s 7:18 at night folks. Not 7:18 in the morning. I basically did awesome at life today. Or not. Not. I did not do awesome. But isn't that sweet that my watch still thinks I can accomplish something today? I think it's just mocking me. Cuz those rings are definitely not happening today. Full disclosure. I actually didn’t have it on all day. We’re just going to go with it snowed today. Enough said. Take a moment to notice what my watch calls me. I have two pretty awesome little boys to thank for this. They programmed it into my phone and now all my apple devices refer to me as this. I don’t hate it. #itmakesmelaugh #theyknowmewell

2. Today in office shenanigans. I found these posters as I was cleaning out one of the million closets with children’s ministry stuff. I thought they would be a nice addition to Eric’s office. They are now on his wall. He doesn’t know it yet. I feel like now was as good of a time as any to display the Bill of Rights. Is that ironic?!? #billofrights #askingforafriend #holdon #IllgoaskAlanis #isntitironic #dontyouthink

3. Quarantine puzzle I’ve lost count because I’ve done too many of them which means this stay home stay safe forever long never ending life that I”m currently stuck in known as quarantine is going far longer than it ever ever ever should have. Just my two cents.

4. I went through one of my save boxes recently and found this. There’s something super personal about finding a handwritten note from people who are no longer here. Do you guys ever play this game at Cracker Barrel? Maybe a better question is do you ever go to Cracker Barrel? I have great memories of going there as a kid with grandparents and family and playing this game at the table. My grandma later gave this to me in my adult years. It was a sweet memory to come across. #memories #crackerbarrel

5. Dresses. I’m a little torn on how much I love this one. I weirdly love everything gray… except gray clothing on me apparently. #dressesfordays

And to end this cold, gray, snow, bleak day…. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE 50’s AND SOME SUN TOMORROW!!!! I’m not excited about that or anything. #smallthings #yesplease


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