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Quarantine Day 24

Day 24.

Week 4. Day 3.

SUNSHINE!!! That is all.

1. Found these shoes in my closet today. Honestly, I didn't know I had these. I love them. Feel free to question my overall obsession with clothing at this point. It should be noted though that I do not own as many shoes as I do dresses. I think. #itsaproblem #iamaware

2. Tomorrow is Sunday. Just in case you’re at the point in life where it doesn’t even matter what day it is anymore. #justanotherquarantinedday I’m super excited about these kids' sermon notes for tomorrow! They make me smile. If you don’t have a church you are gathering with check us out at 10:30 via Facebook Live:

3. Sunshine! When I was growing up, care bears were all the thing. Like fights-in-the-toy-stores the thing. My sister and I each had one that was ours. I believe there were even Halloween costumes one year too. I might have to try to find that picture. Mine was Funshine… the bright yellow one that had a giant sunshine on it. I’d like to think that one was mine because obviously I was just such a super fun and super happy child all the time with such a great disposition on life. But now that I think about it…. it might have more to do with my mood being so dependent on the amount of sunshine in my life. #notalwaysarayofsunshine #unlessihavesomesunshine

My sister’s….. Well you’ll have to ask her if you want to know which one was hers. I’ll let that be her secret to tell. #funshine #sunshine #itmakesmehappy

4. Today was a day full of joy. I got to walk in the park with a friend. Where I saw people rollerblading. That pretty much made my day. When was the last time you actually saw someone rollerblading outside? 1996 I think. And I got these lovely visitors this evening. My heart is happy. So fun to stand in the driveway and talk…. And talk… and talk. Their three boys were troopers. You know you’re deep into quarantine life when you can put three boys in a car and they sit there and listen to three adults talk without ever once asking to leave. They’re awesome. #thankful #happyheart #lovethem #socialdistancing

5. Dresses. We shall throw another black one in the mix. #dressesforday I might have to change my hashtag on this one #dressesformonths


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