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Quarantine Day 25

Day 25.

Week 4. Day 4.

It’s officially 8:02 and it is still daylight out. Also, I think my trees have leaves, actual leaves on them. I don’t know why but in my little world I really believe these things wouldn’t be happening if we are to be stuck in quarantine forever. So we're going to pretend that nature knows something we don’t and there is an end in sight. And for some reason The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music is now stuck in my head. #soundofmusic

1. Got to do something today that I haven’t done in over a month. Well kind of. We were able to livestream our church service from our building today! There weren’t people there. Well physically. Out there in cyberspace... they were there. I had to do the welcome. Someone please explain to me why was I nervous getting up to welcome everyone with ABSOLUTELY NO ONE sitting there?!? #whatthewhat #itmakesnosense

2. Got a sweet visit from a special birthday girl. It was her birthday and she made cupcakes to pass out. They were delicious and I for sure had to run off these calories after this visit. Happy Birthday Zoe! Hope you had a great day and thanks for including me in on your birthday fun! #birthdaytreats #superspecial

3. Speaking of running. Confession. I’m totally that annoying runner that thinks she owns the road. Please don’t run me over. In my defense it’s easier for you to shift your steering wheel than it is for me to move any other direction beyond one foot in front of the other. I promise. Also the road is level in the middle. #justsayin’ Disclaimer…. I do pay attention to traffic. I promise. And sidenote, I have really enjoyed seeing whole families out on family walks on my runs during this quarantine. Shout out to Karen Cormany and fam today. Got to literally run into them in the park today. So fun to run into a familiar face!

4. Second confession. I love peeps. Like that sugary marshmallow Easter treat. Not peeps like people. Hold on a minute. That came out wrong. I love people too. Well, some of you are easier to love than others, but regardless… just not what I’m talking about here. In regards to the marshmallow peeps… I guess they have them for all holidays now. Which I feel like takes some of the special out of them. Judgement time. I really, really like them when they are…. stale. I know. I know. I can picture most of you cringing right now. But let’s be honest, for sure there's a few of you out there who know what I’m talking about, whether you’ll admit to it or not is up to you. So…. when I came across this at the store today, the 5 year old in me had to try them. I feel like it was a very poor adult choice and a pretty spectacular get-in-touch-with-your-inner-child choice. #nottoobad #adultregrets #childhooddreams

5. Jean jackets will always be cool in my book. And a jean jacket with a dress is one of my favorite summer things ever. #dressesfordays

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