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Quarantine Day 26

Day 26.

Week 4. Day 5.

Who likes a good icebreaker question? I had a friend ask me this one the other day…. Feel free to drop your answer below or use this one at your next family dinner.

What dumb accomplishment are proud of?

My answer…. Anytime I return a Redbox movie on time. Let’s be honest. I think that’s happened once. I am the customer Redbox dreams of. Did you know that at some point you just own the movie?! The one time I actually returned one on time a friend definitely got a text form me where I proudly proclaimed how well I did at succeeding at life that day. #redbox #theygetmeeverytime

1.Today starts a new round of classes for me. Apparently my new superpower needs to be speed reading. So. Many. Books. The unfortunate thing is that like none of these come on audiobook. Audible has failed me. I’ll just be here reading for the next 8 weeks. #somuchreading #wherestheaudiobook

2. You guys! I get so excited to see people. Like so excited. Got to see this guy today. He was such a happy surprise. He was “essential”.... fixing some things in our building. It was nice to see his face. I told him so. #imisspeople #socialdistancing

3. I came home to two cherub angels sitting at the end of my neighbors driveway. I have so many questions. Like should I be concerned? Am I allowed to go up to the door and see if everyone is ok? Is it a joke? I mean that’s totally something I would have jokingly left in someones driveway, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case here. Unless there's some serious senior citizen pranking going on. Which I would really enjoy. But right now, I just have so many questions. #hmmm #idontknow

4. It was a beautiful day! Which I will try to remember when it’s near freezing tomorrow. Got a good run in. This sign made me smile. This is about my speed. I’m a slow runner. I can go for a long long time. But I am not fast. #slowandsteady

5. I’ve had several people ask me recently how many dresses I actually own. That’s a secret I’ll never tell. Or….. I actually don’t have a clue. A lot, guys. A lot. And I’m really really hoping that quarantine doesn’t last long enough for me to reach my end. I’d prefer to keep that number a mystery. #dressesfordays


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