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Quarantine Day 27

Day 27.

Week 4. Week 6.

April 21st. It currently feels like 27 degrees out. And I’m pretty sure I saw snow today. Why? Quarantine. That can be the only possible explanation to what happened today.

1. So I have this little problem in life. Well I don't really think it’s a problem. It makes sense to me... but every once in a while it lends itself to be problematic. I like to leave my keys hanging in the door. Background knowledge: I tend to lose my keys in the church building often. I also tend to lock my keys in my car often but that’s another story for another day. So leaving them in the door means I always know where they are at. Logical right?!? Except when I go home at night and unlock my front door. Therein lies the problem…. And can’t find my keys the next morning. I really should invest in a keyless entry for my front door. Or start parking in the garage. That would work too. #probablynotgonnahappen

2. Technology. I love it and hate it. It hurts my head. Doing some troubleshooting today to work out some Facebook Live stuff. I had a great teacher. However, I now know just enough to be dangerous. If no one can find our livestream on Sunday… You now know who to blame. #oops

3. Fun fact: You know how some people can’t stand the sound of nails on a chalkboard…. Like chills down your spine hate it? That’s how I feel about someone biting into an apple. I cannot handle it. Weird. I know. I can’t eat them and I can’t be next to you when you eat them. But I actually love apples. So any type of cooked apples is a must. Got a sweet treat today from these two lovely ladies. Apple crisp and ice cream. Not gonna lie. This was totally dinner tonight. #confession #sogood

4. Oh. My. Word. You guys, remember how yesterday I came home and found two cherub angels at the end of my neighbors driveway? They’re back. They weren’t there this morning. And they weren’t there when I got home from work. And now they’re back. WHAT IS GOING ON? #shouldIbeconcerned #orscared

5. I love all things lace and ruffles. Well within reason. #dressesfordays

Bonus: It might have been freezing cold today and there might have been so…. But this. This is beautiful. #sunset #somanycolors #gorgeous


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