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Quarantine Day 28

Day 28.

Week 4. Day 7.

Today ends week 4. I feel like everyone just needs a congratulations for this. 4 weeks. Congrats to you for surviving 4 weeks and a big giant congrats for putting up with my ramblings for 4 weeks.

I’m going to start a list of things I’ve learned in quarantine. At the top of that list…. Well you’ll just have to wait till I’m done with my list for that one. Want to know what did not make the list…. Cooking. Cooking isn’t one of them. #ahwell

1. Today I discovered today that if I sit on my couch in my office people peek in my office and don’t see me at my desk and assume I’m not in there. It’s essentially my own little hiding spot apparently. Except I’m not really looking to hide from people at the moment. Probably the complete opposite for the foreseeable future. #hideandseek #findmeplease

2. Got a fun dinner surprise from a sweet friend. This pork and pineapple cilantro tacos were so good! And the driveway chat with this lady was definitely a bright spot in my day for oh so many reasons. #sofun #thankful

3. Today was a bang your head against the wall technology day. I like a good challenge. But today I had to admit defeat. Which pains me more than I care to admit. I called in reinforcements. I’m bringing in someone with actual superpowers tomorrow. #notme

4. WHAT IS HAPPENING? It is currently a winter wonderland in my backyard. I don’t understand. That is all. I have no more words for this. Well I do but I should probably keep them to myself. #sanctification #aprilisconfused #obviously

5. This one is one of my faves. There’s not too many reasons to wear sequin dresses.. But there’s every reason to own one. #dressesfordays #rosegold #sparkly

Cherub Angel Update. The angels remained at my neighbors driveway all day today and are still currently there…. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. #thesuspense #icantwait


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