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Quarantine Day 29

Day 29.

Week 5. Day 1.

I have a letterboard in my house that currently says… “Adulting is understanding why Britney Spears shaved her head.” I don’t feel like anything needs to be added to that statement. It makes me laugh and nod my head in understanding all at the same time.

1. I hate taking pills. I buy vitamins in pill format (it seems like the adult thing to do) and I have good intentions of taking them (really I do). I will go as far as to carry them around with me all day and then just never take them. Vitamin gummies though... Hi... I’m like 5 years old and I love these. These are a bright spot in my day. I get legitimately excited to take these every morning. #Olly #vitamingummies #livingthegoodlife

2. Finding vitamins at the moment though is another story. Sams club failed me today. The cynic in me wants to be like y’all who have never taken vitamins in your life please leave them for those of us who have and do. I’m working on grace and instead will try to celebrate that maybe corona is helping us all to realize we need to make better choices sometimes. It’s a lesson I’ve definitely learned in more ways than one. #makegoodchoices

3. It took three stores, but I was finally able to track down what I needed. Target for the win. But you guys, Target was just sad. AND TARGET IS NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE SAD. Oh, to be able to aimlessly roam the aisles of target again. #happyplace #goawaycorona #agirlcandream

4. Here’s my computer superhero. It took most of the day but we made some progress. It also helped knowing that there was absolutely no way in any universe that I would have ever been able to figure out what he did today. This superhero also brought me coffee. Really, really good coffee. So basically I called him to come and work and got coffee out of it too. I win. So thankful for him, his wife and their kiddos. I’ve gotten to share a decade with them and am beyond thankful for their friendship! If I ever decide to live on a compound, they’d make the cut. #friendswithskills

5. I feel like a ballerina in this one. That is the extent of my ballerina skills. I might occasionally feel like one. So what I’m trying to say is…. I have no ballerina skills. #dressesfordays

Cherub angel update: Still in the same spot as yesterday. My next goal is to see how close I can get to take a picture. #spyskills


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