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Quarantine Day 3

Day 3.

Three days...

Jesus rose from the dead after three days. Today, I put on jeans. I’m not comparing myself to Jesus, just pointing out that miraculous things happened in both of those day three scenarios. #miraclesdohappen #onthethirdday #day3

1. And guess what… I found out my house has a magic mirror. Not like “Mirror, Mirror on the wall” talk to me kind of mirror. I’m not crazy... #yet But like a “Hey… how you doin’... you look super skinny” kind of mirror. Which may be even better. I’m basically living in my own fairy tale here you guys. #mirrormirroronthewall #happilyeverafter #wheresprincecharming

2. I feel like it’s time to prove to you that I do actually work during this time at home. The editing was the fun part. The waiting 6 hours for this sermon to load to YouTube might actually be more traumatizing to my mental health than being trapped in my house though. I broke and upped my internet speed and also my internet bill. Xfinity 1 Stephanie 0 #workfromhome

And in case you’re dying to see my mad editing skills check this out at 10:30 Sunday morning:

3. Today’s surprise delivery came in the form of my love language: COFFEE! Thank you Cathy! And in all seriousness... so many of you have taken the time to check in on me and ask me how I’m doing. It means a lot. #forreal #thankful

4. I absolutely love the memes out there associated with this pandemic. Anyone else?!? I saw one the other day that said… “Half of us are gonna come out of this quarantine as amazing cooks and the other half are gonna come out with a drinking problem. No in between” And so today I did something I haven’t done up til this point…. I cooked. I’ll be eating pizza for the next week but I actually cooked. #justsayin #watchoutrachelray

5. Getting kids to focus can be difficult. Getting kids to focus who have access to filters as you attempt to chat with them is a whole other ballgame. I’m not entirely sure which one of us came out the winner in this conversation. Her for cleverly using the filters or me for being able to talk even amongst the filters. #loveher


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