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Quarantine Day 30

Day 30.

Week 5. Day 2.

I put the iphone face recognition software to the test today. If you have twins and you program one of their faces into the Face ID on the phone…. Can the iphone differentiate between the two? I know you were all dying to know this fun fact. Guess what? It cannot. How that is going to ever help you in life unless you are a twin, I do not know. But nonetheless, you’re welcome.

1. I was finally able to run outside again today. I did a long run last Monday and again today. It rained or snowed everyday in between. It did, however, occur to me today that there might be a connection between Michigan press conferences and my need to run long distances. Anyone else feeling like we are going to be quarantined forever? Today’s endorphin high also came with some hill training. #neverendingquarantine #runmichigan

2. While at the park running, I saw what can only be described as a secret deal go down. Faces have been blocked out to protect the innocent…. Or guilty. I’m not sure. I’ve got to give them credit though. This is a clever idea. I do wonder if they are going to eat at the park or if they were trying to hide from someone else that they were over some home cooking and needing some actual food. Guess I’ll never know. #parkdelivery #clever #timetoeatout

3. My life today involved two sets of twins. Does it get any better than that? Got to video chat with this cutie and her sister. Only managed to get a picture of one of them. There’s another one that looks just like her... I promise. #twins

4. And then got to spend some time with these two and their brother. Confession: I still enjoy jumping on a trampoline. I’m no longer willing to try flips though. I’d prefer to live to see another day. #trampoline #childhoodfun

5. I mean can you really go wrong with black? I’m going to say no. I hope everyone that knows me agrees with that statement too and not because of the dress. #mylastnameisBlack #dressesfordays


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