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Quarantine Day 32

Day 32.

Week 5. Day 4.

Yard waste collection starts in Grand Blanc this week. I’m weirdly excited about that. Partly because I’ve got about 15 bags in my backyard that I need gone and partly because it’s one less thing that is no longer on lockdown. This is what life has come to apparently. #smallsteps #adultexcitement

1. Oh. My. Word... Most. Stressful. Morning. Ever. At 10:30 we were slated to go live with ustream and facebook for our Sunday morning gathering. At 10:23 it still wasn’t working correctly. Just a little anxiety going on over here. #sarcasm But at 10:24…. Well… at 10:24 something miraculous happened. And by miraculous what I mean is someone, who is not me, got everything to work correctly. And then I could breathe. I definitely took a nap when I got home. My friends Josh has computer superpowers. I don’t know why I was stressed… he always comes through. #exhausting #peopleperson #notacomputerperson #friendswithskills

2. Got to facetime with a cat today. That was a first. Random Fact: I hate cats. Like… (warning… what you are about to read is going to be disturbing if you are a cat person).. I kind of think they are Satan's pet. Sorry to all you cat lovers out there. I still like you. You’re just not going to want to ask me to house sit your cat. This little girl though. I love her and for her I’ll facetime with her cat. #worthit #lotsoflaughs #loveher

3. I had this fabulous idea to go through my clothes today. I currently have clothes over both beds in my house. I may be sleeping on the couch. I’m going to refer to this as my #safetyfirst shirt from now on. 1- I feel like I glow in the dark. But 2- I also feel super tan in it. I got yelled at the other day by someone when I was out running because I had a black shirt on. I was on the sidewalk… not the road. It was confusing. This shirt though is a game changer. #betyoucanseemenow

4. Cotton Candy Grapes. I’ll just leave this one here. You can decide for yourself your feelings on that one. #prettygood #cottoncandy

5. I’m pretty excited for the weather coming up this week and next.. It’s almost flip flop weather friends! #dressesfordays #lovemyselfagoodjeanjacket


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