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Quarantine Day 34

Day 34.

Week 5. Day 6.

You guys! How incredibly wonderful was the sun today? Wonderful. It was wonderful. It warmed my soul. #happiness

1. When it’s sunny and 70 out, one gets to break out the sandals for the first time for the season. I was super about that. Also got to break out this romper /jumpsuit. Was super excited about that too. Super regretted my clothing choice every time I had to use that bathroom though. #somuchwork

2. Got a surprise visit from these cuties and their mom today. So much fun to be able to see them and chat for a while. #socialdistancing

3. For sure took a nap in the sun in the hammock today. I’m like a 15 minute power nap type of person. Give me 15 minutes in the afternoon and I’m good to go. Longer than that I’m pretty much a mess the rest of the day. The sun though… Well the sun was a gift from God today! #forsure #lovedit #lovely

4. Had the pleasure of getting to have this lovely friend over for dinner tonight. She had never had Thai food before. It was fun to be able to introduce her to this. It was also super fun to be able to sit out on the deck and talk and eat in the sun. #dinneronthedeck #friendsandfood #itfeelslikesummer

5. I’m not much of a bright green girl but for some reason this one does the trick. Of course the ruffle like layers help. #dressesfordays #ruffles


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