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Quarantine Day 35

Day 35.

Week 5. Day 7.

As I sat down to write this this evening a spider crawled across the notebook next to me. There was screaming and then a mad dash to the kleenex box. And then more screaming when I couldn’t find it and had to move the notebook around. And then terror as it scurried away. Quick questioning as to whether I was going to sleep tonight if I didn’t find this thing. Saw it run across the floor. Jumped at it with the kleenex. And then total fear at trying to peak into the kleenex to see if I actually got it while completely anticipating that it was going to jump out at me. Good news. I won. The world is now one spider less. I will sleep tonight.

1. When it rains big decisions in life include what color of rainboots to wear. I went with red today. Rainboots make rain fun. Even as an adult. #justsayin

2. Is it safe to take down the snowflakes? #pleasesayyes #ohplease

3. So much fun being able to see and interact with everyone via zoom and facebook live. If you didn’t get to join us this week…. You definitely should next. #madeintheimageofGod

4. With sunsets like these I feel like summer is near. And if summer is near then quarantine will be done. That might not be logical or true, but I’m going with it. This is the one scenario where I’m claiming this as my truth. #holdingtighttothat #prettyplease

5. I mean does it get any better than a black dress and a jean jacket. Nope. Nope it does not. #dressesfordays

Tomorrow starts week 6 you guys. I have so many emotions. I shall sum them up with hashtags. Because if you haven’t caught on yet…. I love myself some hashtags. #6weeks #whatthewhat #sayitaintso #howmuchlonger #socialdistancing #socialdistancingsucks #alsofacemaskssuck #theygivemeanxiety #imissshopping #andpeople #imisspeople #apocalypse #imnotdoingthisagainsingle #justsayin #thatisall #fornow


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