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Quarantine Day 36

Day 36.

Week 6. Day 1.

Do you know how many hours are in 6 weeks? A lot. A whole lot of quarantined hours. Oh I could do that math. But the truth is…. It’s more than I want to know. #ignoranceisbliss

1. There was a bat in the youth room today. Or so I am told. I didn’t actually see the bad... I did however see video proof of it. So it did exist. Where it went though… I do not know. I was really prepared to take care of that bat. And by prepared what I mean is that I felt like it was a good time to break out this batgirl costume. Just sayin'. Super sad I didn’t actually get a good bat story while in my batgirl costume. It would have been a great story. I’m sure. Guess we will never know. #batgirl #igotthis #ornot

2. Some days are great days and some days are a struggle. The truth is….. Face masks give me huge anxiety. The thought of that being any kind of normal in life throws me over the edge a little. And today as I was not willing to deal with all of the emotions that these thoughts entail… chocolate seemed like the answer. It helped. #Jesusistheanswer #chocolatehelps

3. These two. Love them. Lots. We got to go on an adventure today. With rainboots. And when you have rainboots you jump in puddles. #sofun #justalittlewet

4. And you walk down a stream and you play in the mud. And when you walk down a path you quote Robert Frost. Well... that's what I thought. I was wrong. And it went something like this….. Two paths diverge into the woods. I took the one less traveled. Since then I’ve been lost. Thanks for nothing Robert Frost. #twinadventures #notRobertFrost #twopaths #theymakemelaugh

5. I love gray but am still torn on gray clothes. The lace makes this one a winner though. #dressesfordays


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