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Quarantine Day 37

Day 37.

Week 6. Day 2.

Anyone else think Boris Johnson’s voice is pretty awesome? I’m sure it’s the accent, but if all our politics sounded like that I might be less grumpy after watching them. Just sayin’.

1. This twin attempted to teach me to rip stick today. Key word there is attempted. And by attempted what I mean is that I stood on it while holding on to him. So basically I practiced my balance today. I don’t foresee a future of rip sticking in my life. #ripstick #practicemakesperfect #exceptifyoudontpractice

2. Growing up whenever we were on vacation on our boat, before bed every night, my dad would play Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World. I have the lyrics to this song hanging in a frame in my bedroom. As my friend’s kids were getting around for bed last night one of them was reading the lyrics out loud. I was struck by the line “I see friends shaking hands, saying how to you do…”

Backstory: Also growing up, handshakes were an important thing. My grandpa always liked a strong, firm handshake. We were always taught to shake hands like that. Although conditioned this way, I kind of believe you get a glimpse at who someone is by how they shake hands. It’s something I always pay attention to, The thought of not shaking hands anymore makes me sad. I know plenty of you out there are on board with the whole no shaking hands thing, but for me something is missing with this becoming taboo. Of course now that my secret is out all of you are going to be thankful you don’t have to shake my hand and watch me silently judge your handshake I”m sure. #handshakes #goodoledays

3. Walked into my office today and had this new friend sitting on my desk. We shall name him Rocky and he shall find a nice home in my “landscaping”. I feel the need to put landscaping in quotes because well I’m not sure anything in my yard qualifies as that at this point. I thought I knew who painted it and left it for me. I was wrong. I now know who it was. But that’s a secret I’ll never tell. #agrownmanpaintedit #whichmakesitevenfunnier #seriousskills #butdontquityourdayjob

4. So thankful for the nice weather and for some time with these two. #theyrethebest #happyheart It helped prepare me for the grocery store visit I made later in the day. It’s a traumatizing thing these days. #surreal #thiscantbereallife #whichdisctrict

5. But dresses help make everything better. #dressesfordays


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