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Quarantine Day 38

Day 38.

Week 6. Day 3.

It was 70 something today. The sun was out. And I washed my hair today. Life today was a success, friends.

1. This is probably one of my most favorite movie quotes ever. It’s totally how I roll. And also why I hate winter. Ironically this movie quote which represents my summer feelings is in the movie titled Frozen. Please for the love of all things… tell me that is actually irony?!? #upwiththesun #isntitironic #dontyouthink

2. Got this lovely delivery today. I love fruit. And fruit in the shape of flowers…. I mean does it get any better than that. Well… yes, actually it does. Throw some chocolate in there and you have the trifecta. Thanks Greenbury Fam! Love you guys!. #chocolatefixeseverything

3. Succeeded at a quick DIY today. A solar chandelier. I love it.

4. Did not succeed at finishing all of the school work that I needed to finish. So. Much. Reading. It’s super unfortunate that not all books come in audible format. They should. For real. There’ that whole play at double speed that I could really go for right about now.

5. This 70 degree sunny day called for a dress that adequately represents summer. White! It was a white dress kind of day. #dressesfordays


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