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Quarantine Day 39

Day 39.

Week 6. Day 4.

I’m up way later than I normally am and when that happens life can go one of two ways. You either get super chatty Stephanie or super quiet Stephanie. Are you catching on that I’m not great at moderation. Apparently the one that won this evening was super quiet. I think I”m officially out of words for today. Shocking I know. #noinbetween #allornothing

1. Apparently, my Alexa alarm is trying to simulate the sunrise as it gets ready to wake me up in the morning. The only problem is that Alexa seems to be unaware that the sun has actually already risen outside. I appreciate the effort though. #wakeup

2. Black dress, jean jacket, red lipstick, and sandals. It really had no choice but to be a good day with this combination. Of course then on top of that I got to add sunshine, warm weather, a bonfire, and some pretty great people. You guys, it was a good day. #thankful

3. And it was a good night for a bonfire. Thankful for this fun thing that we get to do with those we enjoy. I love bonfires. Cuz... think about it friends. Do you ever hang out at a bonfire with people you don’t like? No. The answer to that is no. Bonfires seem to be the thing you do with those you enjoy. I’m so glad we get to do this. #ilovebonfires

4. Tech stuff went well today. Yay! After a few weeks of non stop problem solving, today was refreshing. I’m so thankful for those who are gifted in areas that I am not. And that those people are a part of my life.

5. Let’s wrap up this week with this one. #dressesfordays


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