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Quarantine Day 4

4 days.

96 hours.

Today I ordered a bird feeder. I don’t even like birds...but I heard the birds this morning and thought... hmmm…. I need a bird feeder for my deck. You guys! If I get on here and mention anything about wanting a dog... I’m going to need some intervention immediately. #helpme

1. My life 360 app is mocking me today. As of 8:30 this evening, I have officially been in my house for 96 hours. This morning my dad called me. It’s a quarantine thing. My parents call at 8 every morning. And I answer. Really I’m pretty sure they’re just calling to make sure I’m still alive. God forbid if I don’t answer one of these days. I’m pretty sure the police would be at my house within minutes. This morning was super special though. My dad gave me a play by play of the hallmark movie he and my mom watched last night. And I listened. I may have hit a new low. (Mom - I know you are going to read this on instagram. Don’t you dare tell dad I just told the world that he watches hallmark). Moving on… #hallmark #rockbottom #maybe

2. I cleaned out my junk drawer. You know what I’m talking about… that drawer that contains Every. Random. Thing. All the things you don’t know where else to put. I’m of the belief that every single household has at least one of these. If you don’t… I have so many questions for you. #junkdrawer #wheresyours

3. Sunday Funday! Today’s surprises involved panda express and a lavender honey bubble tea. Ironically (I think?!? I’ll save you all from my “isn’t it ironic’ spiel), the fortune sums this up nicely. Thanks Crimm & Roy fam for loving me with your thoughtfulness and kindness today! #thankful #isntitironic #dontyouthink

4. Home Project. I picked up this window at an antique store at Christmas time. It was already painted in a pink that matches my downstairs door perfectly. 3 months later I finally hung it. I won't tell you how many practice holes are hidden behind the window. #oops #nextownersproblem #lookscanbedecieving

5. And finally proof that I got dressed in a fresh set of clothes, put on makeup, did my hair and was an actual human being today. And yes, I put on jeans for 2 days in a row. #quarantinewin Though at what point does hair pulled back in a messy bun not count as doing my hair anymore? Maybe tomorrow I’ll wash my hair. #magicmirror #jeansday2 #sueprexcitingstuffhere


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