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Quarantine Day 42

Day 42.

Week 6. Day 7.

Tomorrow begins week 7. Remember when this started out as a two week adventure?!?

1. Got a gift today. He loves me obviously. #boygifts #lovehim

2. Also, got a visit from these two today. They brought food. Bob Evans. Confession: Bob Evans is one of my favorites. I feel like that qualifies as a confession because I don’t qualify for a senior discount. But I love it. #bobevans

3. Beignet. Good luck pronouncing that. I”m told it’s French. I don’t actually know. I’m also told the Princess Tiana had to make them for the ball in the Princess and the Frog. So obviously consuming them makes me royalty. I’m sure that’s how that works. Payton and Kayla Snyder made them from scratch. I’m super impressed. You should be too. Even though you won’t get to try them. #sorry #notsorry Guess you’ll just have to take my word for it. #sogood #homemade

4. Midweek zoom meeting. Technology was not our friend this evening. Ah well…. Can’t win them all I suppose. #stress But still so great to see everyone’s faces! #reallifepeople #theydoexist

5. Have I mentioned that lace and ruffles win every time in my book? #ihaveaproblem #iknow #dressesfordays

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