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Quarantine Day 43

Day 43.

Week 7. Day 1.

May 28th. 5.28.20. That’s three weeks from today. My naive self really thought we’d get some small group privileges with this next round. I was wrong. I have thoughts. Lots of thoughts. I shall reign them in until I can adequately show some…..

1. Grace. This was a great reminder today. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is found in James 4:6. But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” There’s something about that phrase… he gives more grace… that strikes me Every. Single. Time... I read it. Maybe it’s because I constantly need that reminder... to show people more grace than I ever naturally want to. Maybe it’s because I’m in awe knowing all the ways I screw up that God is still willing to show me grace. Either way... grace is something I would say we could all use a little bit more of these days. Also, it should be noted that my ‘wear lipstick more often’ resolution upon escaping isolation has slowly disappeared. I basically gave up on makeup all together this week. And baseball hats. I embraced baseball hats. It seemed the thing to do. #grace #moregrace #baseballhats #toomucheffort

2. Found this right next to my porch this morning. I’m choosing to go with the following story to go with this picture... Obviously an adorable little baby bird hatched and is currently walking around asking everything it sees “Are you my mother?” It also obviously finds its mother. #happyendingshere #DrSuess #areyoumymother

3. Made my second trip to Target today. And by second trip, what I mean is that this is the second time that I have been to target in the last 43 days. This has only happened one other time in my life, I am sure. And that is only because there were no Targets in Haiti. The good news is this Target trip was way less traumatic than the last one. The sad news is it still didn’t warm my soul like it should. Please tell me Target will one day warm my soul again?!? #prettyplease #ilovetarget #ineedatargethappyending

4. YOU GUYS!!! I was gifted this second painted rock today. I think I’m officially starting a collection. Feel free to show off your art skills and pass them my way. I feel like this could be loads of fun. #rockloads

5. This is one of my favorite dresses. Is there a limit on how many favorites I’m allowed to have? It just feels super classy to me. And if one is going to use the word classy, obviously pearls need to be involved. #dressesfordays #pearls


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