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Quarantine Day 44

Day 44.

Week 7. Day 2.

May 8. 20 more days of quarantine. Maybe?!? It snowed today. I don’t even know what to feel anymore. I’m confused. The weather is confusing. The world is just full of confusion at the moment.

  1. But you know what is never confusing…. Starbucks, friends. Starbucks takes all the confusion away. Well, not really, it was super confusing when they closed all their stores… but even with that confusion, I do know what I feel when I have a starbucks in my hand. For just a moment all is right in the world. It’s not reality. I realize that. But it helps. This was my first starbucks in over a month. March 30th to be exact. It. Was. Worth. Every. Calorie. #starbucks

  2. So I did something I have never ever done before. Mowed my yard… in the snow. I can’t decide if this is confusing or if this just makes sense in the world we live in today. #mowinsnow #soweird

  3. And since it snowed, it only made sense to go to the greenhouse and buy plants for my outdoor planters. Cuz that’s not confusing at atll. The warm greenhouse was lovely though. AND YOU GUYS! How cool are these black flowers. I’ve never seen anything like them and I love them. Halls Greenhouse is my new fave! And don’t worry I brought them inside for the night. I’m going to make a valid attempt at keeping them alive.

  4. And since I was rocking the outdoor work in the snow, why not go ahead and change out my front lights. These haven’t worked since I bought the house. Two years ago. Confession it might have been as easy as changing the lightbulbs. But why change the lightbulb when you can change the whole light fixture. That definitely makes sense.

  5. And since I went with black and white flowers… today seemed like the appropriate day to go with a black and white dress. #dressesfordays.


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