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Quarantine Day 45

Day 45.

Week 7. Day 3.

I was listening to a news station today and one of the show host joked…. “I can’t go to one of those zoom parties… because I’m afraid it’s going to be an intervention for me when I log on.” I don’t know why but I thought this was hilarious and then immediately thought about the How I Met Your Mother episodes with the giant recurring intervention sign. If I ever need an intervention… there better be a sign. #justsayin

1. I’m thankful for friends who let me crash their house with little to no warning. Who supply me with coffee and carbs. And who listens to me and all my crazy. Also, this blueberry bran muffin friends… well it was magical. This friend definitely helps it be my day, my week, my month, or even my year. #friends #thereforyou

2. Got a fun package in the mail today. How cute are these earrings?!? So cute. They are so cute. A friend of a friend makes them on her etsy shop and they aren’t crazy expensive. You should get a pair.

3. I had a girl headache today that I could not kick. If you don’t know what I mean by girl headache… good for you. If you do know what I mean, I’m sure you sympathize. Motrin, Tylenol… nothing seemed to touch it. And when all else fails… Starbucks seemed like a logical solution. I still have a headache but I’m happier now. #starbucks #girlproblems

4. Escaped for some fresh air today. Some cold fresh air, but fresh air nonetheless. And there was water. And I love water. And a little bit of sunshine. And I love sunshine. It was peaceful and it was pretty and I sympathized with this single flower in the woods. It’s a pretty flower alone in the woods. I hope the same can be said about me. #justagirl #aloneinthewoods #ididntdie

5. Dress number too many to count at this point. But don’t worry, there’s still more. #dressesfordays


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