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Quarantine Day 46

Day 46.

Week 7. Day 4.

A Single Girl and a Quarantined Mother’s Day. Sounds like a hallmark movie, right? Of course there would be lots of dresses involved.

1. Sometimes it’s rough being a girl. This month the sun, moon and stars apparently decided to align in my life. And by sun, moon, and stars, what I mean is Mother’s Day, quarantine, and those lovely girl hormones... All. Aligned. Perfectly. What the? Am I right? I think this might be level 6 of Jumanji for me. Can someone please tell me how many levels there are? Cue the tears over here.

I’m pretty sure by this point you all know my thoughts on quarantine. And the whole being a girl thing. Well enough said there. And Mother’s Day. Well Mother’s Day I just never know what the emotions are going to do. Some years it is a joy to see kids excited to celebrate their moms and moms thankful for this opportunity they have been given in life. Some years it’s hard. This year is a weird year. This ‘stay home, stay safe’ world we are currently living in has done me in. I hated being home alone before all of this, but at least in the pre-corona world, I had the option of going out and about as I wished. I was really good at staying busy. Now, being forced to be home alone has for sure thrown me over the edge. I have quickly teased in recent days that no way in ______ am I doing this single again (feel free to fill that blank in however you like, I’ve got a few ideas of my own). I say it with a laugh, but there is definitely some truth there. #notdoingthisagain #girlproblems #jumanjilevel6 #sometimesyoujustneedtocry

2. Every year, though, I’m thankful for my mom, my grandmother, and the many other women who have had an influence in my life. And every year, I am beyond grateful for all the families that have welcomed me into their lives and shared their kids with me. I can without hesitation say that I have been loved well by so many. And that is so incredibly humbling.

3. And speaking of being loved well. I'm so thankful for this sweet friend who went out of her way to think of me today, to write me a note, stop by my house, and give me a hug. Sorry social distancing. #sorrynotsorry All I can think of right now is Olaf in Frozen saying “Some people are worth melting for”. The Corna version of that is “Some people are worth hugging for.” I love you and your family Hannah! Thanks for loving me well. #lovethem

4. It might have been a rough girl day, but you know what it was not? It was not a rough technology day! Yay! All the tech stuff got up and going and streaming and all those other fun tech words without a hitch. It’s basically a Mother’s Day Miracle. Also... On my bucket list is a nice mic drop on stage someday. #micdrop #someday

5. It’s day 46. I started dresses on day 6. I’ll let you do the math on that one. Mother’s Day seemed like a good day for a purple one. I don’t know why. It just did. #dressesfordays


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