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Quarantine Day 47

Day 47.

Week 7. Day 5.

I had a friend text me that she had a nightmare that her child coughed in church. This is where we are at in life friends. #dontcoughinpublic

1. Not gonna lie. I’d totally be willing to take fashion tips from my 5 year old self. This picture made me laugh when I came across it. I feel like my dress collection is directly linked to this picture. #5yearoldwardrobe

2. We got loved on with lunch at church today. Such a fun surprise. Jimmy Johns is totally a comfort food for me. Carbs. I so appreciate carbs. The cookie didn’t hurt either. #nowIneedtorun

3. You guys! I am so happy to see this girl! The timing of her coming home is a gift from God for sure. The last time she was here I made her run on the treadmill with me every night and listen to all my problems. Believe it or not guys, I’ve got lots of problems. I promise. Fortunately for her the gyms are all currently closed. But lucky for me it appears the weather is finally going to cooperate for some outdoor adventures. We may or may not have ended up in a little bit of a sketchy area this evening. Apparently poohbear died here. Also it smelled like weed. #uhoh #bereadytorun #lockthedoors

4. And our adventure led us to this. Fun fact: I love the sound of the water. I could have passed on the smell of this water. But the sound of it was spectacular. And it was pretty. And I appreciated that. #flint

5. Long black dress. Yes, please. #socomfortable #dressesfordays


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