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Quarantine Day 48

Day 48.

Week 7 Day 6.

It’s May 12th.... Why is there a freeze warning? What is happening? I’m making an actual attempt at keeping plants alive, but my resolve is quickly fading with each time I have to do extra work to keep them alive. Is this how you all feel about your little humans? #justkidding #aboutthelittlehumans #notabouttheplants

1, A sweet treat from a sweet friend. And it’s pink. And I definitely ate it for breakfast. #whynot #itsquarantine

2. This cutie found a new surprise today. And he made sure it didn’t jump on me. He really does love me. #lovehim #allboy

3.Remember back in January when the Australian wildfires were a big deal. And then in March we thought a bad week was the time change, Friday the 13th, and a full moon all in the same week. And oh, yeah, that's when Corna became like real all of a sudden. And then murder hornets… And then today this….. An amazon package delivered via short bus. I don’t even know what to do with this new information. #supershady #delivery #hmmm

4. I love these humans. I don’t have words for the things I experienced with their animals today. I’m currently traumatized. I’d tell you the story but then I’d have to think about it and then I’d just start gagging again. I can with confidence say that I am a people person and not an animal person. I can with confidence also say that I am so thankful for the so many people who have and are currently loving me so well. This crew included. #lovethem #thankful

5. One of the most common questions I get asked by kids… “Is your last name Black because you have black hair and wear black?” Yes, little human, yes it is. And so a black dress it is. #itmakessense #dressesfordays


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