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Quarantine Day 49

Day 49.

Week 7. Day 7.

Tomorrow begins week 8. Tomorrow begins the concluding week of 2 months of this. That is all. I have no other words for this.

1. Look what came and visited me this morning. You guys, I’m basically a princess. The wildlife is coming to visit me. Don’t worry they haven’t started talking to me yet. No intervention needed yet. #princess #wildlife

2. This is one of those things I needed to read today and hated reading today. Totally honesty friends... It’s been a super crappy week in some regards. A week of questioning God and his goodness. A week of struggling through God’s plan. And a week of being over growth opportunities. And it’s only Wednesday. I needed to read this today. It’s a truth I know but one I’m struggling with holding onto at the moment. I don’t have any huge insightful conclusions for you on this one at the moment. I wish I did. I don’t doubt that I will eventually but right now…. Well right now… God apparently knew this is what I need to read today. #thatisall #lifeismessy

3. And when life is hard, food and friends is a great solution. Dill pickle pizza and BBQ spinach pizza for the win. The sun shining and the sliding door open was also a win. Thankful for my Wednesday night crew that came to hang out with me. #friends #thankful

4. And what better way to finish out the evening than with ice cream just before closing. #icecreamseason

5. I’d like to say that this is my last white dress to share with you… But that would be a lie. #dressesfordays


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