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Quarantine Day 5

Day 5

120+ hours

So fun fact.. I have always loved end of the world disaster movies. Tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, some random comet crashing into earth, the magnetic poles switching and throwing the whole planet into chaos, all things nuclear, and of course weird viruses. I never actually wanted to live through any of these, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve prepared my whole life for this…. I just never expected to be stuck in my house bored out of my mind. I thought the end of the world would be way more exciting.* #wherearethezombies

*Disclaimer. Just to be clear... I am joking. I do realize the seriousness of all this is and I don’t want to make light of reality, but laughter is good and sometimes we need a break from reality. And ultimately God is in control!

So about my 5th day of quarantine….

1. So… I may or may not follow an instagram site known as Hunks of Hallmark. Imagine my delight when the Hunks of Hallmark liked my Quarantine Day 4 post. Now granted it’s probably some middle aged female running this instagram site, but since ignorance is bliss I’m choosing to believe that these Hunks of Hallmark all personally read my post and unitedly liked it. #ignoranceisbliss #whoneedsreality #quarantineisenoughreality #hallmark #hunksofhallmark


2. Home Project. Seriously…. How cute is my super girlie refurbished pink chandelier? I broke out my electrician skills today and wired this beauty up. To my pleasant surprise it actually turned on. And yes, I turned off the power while practicing my electrician skills. #refurbished #homerenovation

3. Today’s attempts to keep me sane came from Starbucks and a grocery delivery. Thank you John and Tami for the Starbucks run and Laurie for the Walmart pickup! You guys are the best! #loveyou

4. Puzzle Update. Apparently doing a puzzle on a checkered tablecloth has people questioning my sanity. I did tell you I have puzzle superpowers…. Case and point…. The puzzle is done. #check But really the joke is on you. My sanity should have been in question long before now. #alittlecrazy #Iblamepeople #sanity

5. You guys! I washed my hair today. Without any hope of seeing another human being this task took a lot of effort. Trust me this might be more impressive than my electrician skills and my puzzle superpowers combined. And more work than hanging that chandelier. #beingagirlisrough #nomessybun


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