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Quarantine Day 50

Day 50.

Week 8. Day 1.

Day 50 marks the start of week 8. My soul died a little writing that.

1. Small win today. And the Lord knew I needed some wins today. Found my sunglasses that I have not been able to find anywhere. Why I didn’t think to look on the bench in my backyard I do not know. I’d like to say someone else obviously put them there, but seeing as how I have no one else to blame that would probably just make me crazy. #justlosingmymindoverhere #atleasttheywerentonmyhead

2. Got a package in the mail today. It may or may not have been a dress. It shipped way later than it was supposed to. This is what came with it. Two masks and a note stating that… Because we are so sorry, we are sending you two free masks. While I appreciate the thought….WHAT IS THIS WORLD WE ARE LIVING IN?!? I”m sorry… Here’s a free mask. I’d like to wake up now please. #baddream

3. These two stopped by for dinner tonight. And by stopped by for dinner what I mean is that they brought dinner. I definitely won in that scenario. Don’t worry…. I thanked them by giving them a free mask. #freemask

4. It looks like it’s going to be a good Saturday for some outdoor work. I went ahead and stocked up on some supplies. #bringit

5. Pockets! That’s all I have to say about this one. #dressesfordays #pocketsarethebest


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