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Quarantine Day 52

Day 52.

Week 8. Day 3.

Washed my hair today. If you haven’t picked up on this by now... I hate washing my hair. I hate wet hair in general. So I tend to go as long as I can without actually getting my hair wet. Judge me however you wish there. More than washing my hair though I hate blow drying it. So most days I wash it at night and go to bed with it wet and wake up with it dry. It's magic. Today I also blow dried my hair. In the hallway. And the smoke alarm went off. I don’t even know what to do with that. Y'all now know far more about my hair than you ever wanted to. #hairproblems

1. No faking fine today…. Just real life going on over here friends. My appearance currently matches my emotions. It’s the whole package today. In my defense I was working outside. The physical labor was a nice distraction from the emotional struggle that has plagued me this week. #exhausted

2. I wish I had a before picture. You wouldn’t believe how bad this looked. I don’t think anyone will fully appreciate the simplicity and cleanness of this without knowing what it actually looked like when I bought the house. This is basically a miracle. My mom gets the credit for all the hard work here. #yardwork

3. Got some garden boxes today. This is going to be my first attempt at a garden. Look at me all domestic over here. Well I better hold off on that claim. Let’s see if I can keep the garden alive first. And my dad gets the credit for these garden boxes. Like everything else my dad builds these will for sure withstand the end of the world. We won’t, but these garden boxes will. #builttolast

4. And a visit from a friend with a bubble tea in hand. #yum #lavendarhoney

5. And will go with a black one for today. It matches, my hair, my new mulch, and my mood this week. #dressesfordays

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