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Quarantine Day 53

Day 53.

Week 8. Day 4.

On Day 53 a bird flew into my screen door. My day is going much better than that birds... I think.

1. Even when I don’t see it… You’re working. Even when I don’t feel it… You’re working. You never stop working. Man, did my heart need to hear these words this morning. There’s a lot of times, this last week included, where I don't seem to see God working and where I definitely don’t feel God working. I’m going to work at holding tight to this truth even when I don’t think I see it or feel it. #neverstopworking

2. So this might be the only picture in the whole entire world of me holding a cat. Enjoy it because you will never see another one again. Is it ironic that it’s a black cat? #ihatecats

3. Meeting this afternoon. Long meeting. But super nice to see all these faces. Can’t wait to be able to actually have meetings in person again. #imisspeople

4. And after a sitting for a really long meeting, it is necessary to go for a run... even if it is raining. #runmichigan #rainrun

5. Green. Let’s go with green. #dressesfordays


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